William H. Greenberg Fellowship

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The William H. Greenberg Fellowship was established by Mrs. Phyllis Greenberg to honor her husband who was a graduate of Rutgers University, Class of 1944. Greenberg fellows are Rutgers University graduate students who have completed their qualifying exams and whose Ph.D. research fits within the scope of the Rutgers Climate Institute. Thus, Greenberg Fellows receive substantial support as their academic endeavors are related to studying the causes of climate change, understanding its effects on our society and environment, and informing society about those impacts. Preference is given to students concentrating in science as opposed to policy. Once awarded, the Greenberg Fellowship is renewed annually as long as the recipient is making satisfactory progress toward the Ph.D. degree. Thus the fellowship typically becomes available when the current recipient has completed her or his dissertation requirements.

Pictured here are Greenberg Fellow, Nicole Abdul and Mrs. Phyllis Greenberg during a February 2013 visit.



  • Arielle Catalano

    Former Greenberg Fellow
    Ph.D. in Atmospheric Science

    Dissertation Research: Storm surge-producing extratropical cyclones in the northeastern United States in observations and models

  • Inga La Puma

    Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolution with a Graduate Certificate in Geospatial Information Science

    Dissertation Research: Landscape modeling of anthropogenic influences on fire and forest composition in the Pinelands of New Jersey

  • Nelun Fernando

    Ph.D in Geography, Concentration in Climatology
    Dissertation Research: Predicting and monitoring drought in the humid tropics: a case study on Sri Lanka
  • Nicole Abdul

    Greenberg Fellow
    Ph.D. in Geology

    Dissertation Research: Abrupt climate change from a sea-level, sea surface temperature, and tropical seasonality perspective - understanding the role of the tropics on our warming planet.

    Ms. Nicole Abdul received