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Rutgers Climate Institute has been transitioned into the Rutgers
Climate and Energy Institute (RCEI). As we continue to transition,
information from this website will be migrated over to the new RCEI
site at rcei.rutgers.edu. The RCI Student Support Fund is being
transitioned over to the Rutgers Climate and Energy Institute Student
Support Program. As we make this transition, information for
prospective applicants for Fall 2023 is below.

About the Student Support Program

Originally known as the Rutgers Climate Institute Student Support Fund, this initiative was created in 2015 with a generous seed grant to Rutgers Climate Institute from the family of William H. Greenberg (Rutgers University Class of 1944) to support Rutgers student travel and
related expenses for the purposes of climate change education and research. With the Fall 2023 creation of Rutgers Climate and Energy Institute (RCEI), the Rutgers Student Support Program has transitioned into RCEI. 

The RCEI Student Support Program is intended to further students' education and scholarship, enable them to develop, conduct and collaborate with other academics, and improve their ability to translate their research to a range of constituencies (e.g., general public, other students, educators, policymakers, governmental and non-governmental organizations) all key to their training as the next generation of climate scientists and educators.  In addition, the Student Support Program facilitates students' ability to showcase their research, network and establish connections that will contribute to their success once they have completed their education at Rutgers University.



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