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  • Katherine Cann
  • Title: Ph.D. Candidate, Geography
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In October 2023, I traveled to Montreal, Canada to attend the Adaptation Futures conference with support from the RCI Student Support Fund. Adaptation Futures brought together approximately 2,000 scholars and practitioners working on confronting vulnerability to climate-related risks. I attended a variety of sessions, including one focused on adaptation in practice, where Dr. Robin Leichenko (Associate Dean of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Rutgers University) presented research on small business resilience in New Jersey and New York, a project on which I have supported data collection and analysis. Other influential sessions included panels and participatory workshops on transformational adaptation, understanding and reframing vulnerability, and critical perspectives on metrics and indicators for measuring effective and equitable adaptation. This research will allow me to bring emerging theory and relevant case studies to my dissertation research questions on climate justice and adaptation interventions in communities in the urban Northeastern U.S. 

In addition to engaging with current research on adaptation, attending Adaptation Futures allowed me to forge new networks and strengthen existing connections with colleagues pursuing similar research questions from around the world. Meeting researchers from a variety of sectors including government, international development institutions, NGOs, and academia provided insight into the diverse perspectives and influential actors working in climate adaptation.

Katherine Cann ConferenceKatherine Cann contributed to research on small business resilience in New Jersey and New York that was presented by Rutgers Professor and Associate Dean of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Robin Leichenko at the Adaptation Futures Conference both attended in Montreal, Canada in October 2023.