Our Students

  • Sasha Leidman
  • Title: Ph.D. Candidate, Geography
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Sasha Leidman, a graduate student in the Department of Geography used his award from the Rutgers Student Support Fund to attend the annual Association of American Geographers conference in Boston, Massachusetts in April 2017 where he presented "Shadows on Greenland: The Effect of Local Ice Topography on Albedo" based on data he had collected in Greenland during the summer of 2016.  Sasha won the Ralph Stockman Tarr Award for outstanding research on the cryosphere.  Reflecting on his conference participation, Sasha noted, "It was a wonderful experience listening and presenting to fellow cryosphere graduate students and talking about future research opportunities. I later attended the cryosphere group meeting and was elected to be a board member for the AAG section. Overall, my AAG experience was really fruitful and allowed me to expand my reach as a researcher to a broader, geography focused community. "