Our Students

  • Henry Emerson Moore
  • Title: Ph.D. Candidate, Environmental Geology, Rutgers-Newark
  • Student Image

Rutgers University-Newark graduate student, Henry Emerson Moore (left), studies groundwater-surface water interactions using hydrogeophysical methods. He was awarded the Rutgers Climate Institute (RCI) travel grant to present the primary findings of his Ph.D. research, summarized in a poster presentation titled: Quantification of Groundwater-Surface Water Exchanges Driven by Near-Surface Glacial Geology in Two Boreal Peatlands of Northeastern Maine, USA, at the annual American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall 2022 meeting held in Chicago, Illinois.

The annual AGU Fall meeting is one of the largest conferences involving the geosciences in the country, with attendees from across the globe. RCI funding to attend this AGU meeting facilitated feedback on primary findings from professionals within the hydrogeophysics academic community. Henry noted, that “novel data from thermal and electrical conductivity methods deployed to trace groundwater in the peatlands of northeastern Maine were well received by the audiences that attended the presentation.” Presenting these primary findings has further served to anchor the message of the data, as Moore prepares his first publication for his doctoral degree. Henry also found that the AGU meeting “also provided excellent opportunities to explore potential methodologies that build on the primary findings presented.” Further, Moore was able to network with a global community of hydrogeophysicists who will serve as an additional mentorship network over the course of his Ph.D. pursuit. He noted “The opportunity to attend the AGU conference has had profound impacts on my approach to research and left me excited for the future direction of my work as I continue to pursue my graduate degree.”