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  • Amanda Sie
  • Title: Ph.D. Candidate, Sociology
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I attended the GeoMIP Workshop at University of Exeter in Exeter, United Kingdom in July 2023. This trip was a crucial observation experience for my dissertation on the social dimensions of geoengineering. During the 5-day workshop, I learned from early career scientists and core members of the field of geoengineering research about how intercomparison modeling works, recent developments in geoengineering research, and efforts to grow the global community. I also began conducting interviews with members of the research community. Attending the workshop in person added a new dimension to my understanding of the formal and informal procedures that go into developing a field of research oriented towards addressing climate change. I also met folks who were very welcoming and generous with their time and conversation, especially given that I was an “outsider” who had a lot of basic questions about climate modeling! Thank you to the Rutgers Climate Institute for financially supporting my dissertation research and for advocating for the role of sociologists in climate change research.