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  • Kassia Symstad
  • Title: Ph.D. Candidate, Atmospheric Science
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Thanks to support from the Rutgers Climate Institute, I attended the 14th annual Fluxcourse held at the University of Colorado’s Mountain Research station at Niwot Ridge, CO, from June 19-30th. Fluxcourse is an early-career workshop that focuses on land-atmosphere flux measurement, modeling, and synthesis. I attended lectures on a variety of subjects from the theory of photosynthesis to data processing and flux modeling. I also did hands-on activities with flux measurement instruments and processing software, as well as coding projects using data from networks like AmeriFlux and NEON. A highlight of the workshop was when we hiked up to the Niwot Ridge flux tower to learn about the tower itself and various other research projects collecting environmental data at the site.

In addition to learning so much about data and instruments that I can use in my own research, I got to spend time with other early-career scientists from all over America and many other countries, and the PIs who gave the lectures. It was a great opportunity to forge connections with my peers and with established researchers who work on land-atmosphere fluxes. I am very grateful to the RCI for supporting this learning and networking opportunity.

Kassia Symstad 2

A view of the Rocky Mountains from the Niwot Ridge flux tower.

Kassia Symstad 3

The Niwot Ridge flux tower, seen from the ground.