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  • Ioanna Tsoulou
  • Title: Ph.D. Candidate, Urban Planning and Policy Development
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In April 2017, Ioanna Tsoulou, a doctoral candidate in urban planning and policy development participated in the 11th Association of European Schools of Planning (AESOP) Young Academics Conference in Planning and Entrepreneurship, in Munich, Germany where she presented How Just is Sprawl? Links among Density and Environmental Justice in US Territories which addresses the issue of unsustainable urban development patterns widely known as sprawl, and their links to environmental injustice dimensions-mainly ozone and air toxics- in selected US counties and blocks.  Ioanna notes, “Existing literature linking directly those two phenomena is still in embryonic stages, and more research is needed to reveal the nature of their relationship, especially since environmental racism still persists and likely increases as climate change consequences become more severe.”  Ioanna received an award for best paper in her track which enables her to submit her research to the Journal of diSP-The Planning Review “The RCI Student Support Fund Award helped me present my work in progress and get meaningful feedback from other academics, along with establishing connections that will potentially contribute to future advancements in my field,” noted Ioanna.