Our Students

  • Jennifer Walker
  • Title: Ph.D. Candidate, Marine and Coastal Sciences
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Jennifer Walker, a Rutgers graduate student in the Department of Marine and Coastal Sciences, received an award from the RCI Student Support Fund to participate in the American Geophysical Union Conference in December 2015 where she both presented the poster “Holocene Relative Sea-Level Changes from Near-, Intermediate-, and Far-Field Locations” as well as co-convened the session “Feedbacks on Ice-Sheet Growth and Decay during the Last Glacial Cycle.”

Jennifer notes that presenting her poster, “gave me the opportunity to discuss my research with others, improving my science communication and allowing me to gain insights from other researchers about my work as well as affording me the opportunity to answer questions about my work.” As a session co-convener, Jennifer found it provided her with a leadership opportunity, “contributing to my advancement as a scientist.” In addition to conference activities, Jennifer was able to meet with scientists during lunch and evening activities with whom she expects to collaborate in the future. “Forging new connections with other climate scientists will contribute to further collaboration in my future academic career.”