Our Students

  • Brian Zambri
  • Title: Ph.D. Candidate, Atmospheric Sciences
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Brian Zambri, a graduate student in Atmospheric Sciences attended the American Geophysical Union (AGU) 2016 Fall Meeting in San Francisco, CA where he presented Modeling Climate Impacts of the 1783-1784 Laki Eruption in Iceland.

Brian described his experience as "memorable." He noted, "In addition to seeing a lot of great science, I learned a lot about what makes a presentation (oral or poster) good and bad. As a result of the size of the conference and the diversity of its attendees, I saw examples of 'rookie mistakes' to avoid as well as 'veteran tricks' to add to my presentation tools. I also participated in the Outstanding Student Paper Award contest and, while I didn't win an award, I received plenty of useful feedback on my talk from the three judges who attended my presentations."