Research & Education Projects

Dating the Hunter-Gatherer/Pastoralist Transition and Holocene Climate Change, Lake Turkana, Northern Kenya.

Investigators: Gail Ashley (Earth and Planetary Sciences) and John W.K. Harris (Anthropology)

Regional Scale Climate Change Prediction and its Meaning for Social-Institutional Adaptation in Rajasthan, India.

Investigators: Trevor Birkenholtz (Geography), Alan Robock and Georgiy Stenchikov (Environmental Sciences)

Publications based upon this research:

Experts and Their Publics: An Exploration of Policy-Relevant Science

Investigator: Lee Clarke (Sociology)

Publications based upon this research include:

  • Clarke, L and H. Molotch. "Scientists as Disaster Warning Systems." Risk and Regulation 19 (Summer 2010):12-13.
  • Clarke, L. 2010. "The Nuclear Option." Routledge Handbook of Climate Change and Society. Ed., Constance Lever-Tracy. New York: Routledge. pp. 308-319.

Presentations based upon this research include:

  • Clarke, L. 2011. "I'm Warning You." Presentation at Eleventh Beileschweig Workshop. The Fukushima Accident and Systems Prone to EUE. University of Bielefeld, Germany. 3-4 August.
  • Clarke, L. 2011. "Disaster Myths and The Damage They Do". Conference on Natural and Unnatural Disasters, Marcus W. Orr Center for the Humanities, University of Memphis. January.
  • Clarke, L. 2010. "Political Science, The Intricacies of Activism Among Coastal Restoration Scientists". Conference on Civic Engagement of Scientists, Dillard University. November.
  • Clarke, L. 2010. "Political Science, The Intricacies of Activism among Coastal Restoration Scientists." Conference in Honor of William Freudenberg, Freudenfest, University of California-Santa Barbara. November.

A Proposal for a Workshop on Mathematical Models for Use in Mosquito Population Prediction, Control and Prevention of Associated Human Health Risks in the Face of Climate Change.

Investigators: Nina H. Fefferman (Ecology, Evolution and Natural Resources) Dina Fonseca and Randy Gaugler (Center for Vector Biology).

The agenda for this April 2009 workshop can be viewed document here .

Economic Vulnerability under a New Climate Regime

Investigator: Robin Leichenko (Geography)

Publications based upon this research:

Presentations based upon this research:

  • Thomas, A. and R. Leichenko R. 2010. "Adaptation through Insurance: Lessons of the U.S. National Flood Insurance Program." Meeting of the Association of American Geographers, Washington, D.C, April.
  • Thomas, A. and Barnes M. 2009. "The Insurance Sector and Climate Change." Meeting of the Association of American Geographers, Las Vegas, NV, March.

Research funded:

Economic Vulnerability and Adaptation to Climate Hazards and Climate Change: Building Resilience in the Barnegat Bay Region. Barnegat Bay Partnership and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, $25,0000. 2011-2012.

Examining the Carbon Footprint of the Products Procured by Rutgers

Investigator: Kevin Lyons ( Business School)

Climate and Environmental Change Summit for Students

Investigator: Janice McDonnell (Department of Youth Development, Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences)

Publication based upon this research:

  • McDonnell, J. L. Bovitz, C. Ferraro, R. Lyons and D. Robinson. "Climate Change Summits For Teens." Green Teacher Issue 93 (Summer 2011) pp. 25-27.

Assessment of the Impact of Sea Level Rise on Tide Gate Function

Investigators: Robert Miskewitz, Beth Ravit and Chris Obropta (Environmental Sciences)

Developing New Tracers for Reconstructing Past Patterns of Ocean Circulation

Investigators: Yair Rosenthal, Allison Franzese and Robert Sherrell (Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences); Mark Feigenson and Jim Wright (Earth and Planetary Sciences)