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Carbon Cycling on the Great Baham Bank

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Thursday, 06 September 2018, 12:00

Thursday, September 6, 2018. 12:00PM. Carbon Cycling on the Great Baham Bank. Emily Geyman, Hollings Intern. Sponsored by NOAA GFDL. More information here. 

Much of our understanding of Earth history comes from shallow water carbonates because deep ocean archives tend to get metamorphosed or subducted at plate margins. However, little work has been done to calibrate how ocean chemistry is recorded in modern carbonates. As a result, interpretations of climate and environmental change from ancient stratigraphy have large and unquantified uncertainties. I integrate measurements of carbon and oxygen isotopes in the water column and modern carbonate sediments on the Great Bahama Bank with simple box model frameworks to understand how water and sediment chemistry evolve as water moves from the open ocean to the increasingly restricted shelfal waters. Ultimately, my study of the modern Bahamas serves as a calibration study to better assess whether the isotopic fluctuations in ancient stratigraphy represent global changes in ocean chemistry rather than natural intra-shelf variability. 

Location  NOAA GFDL, Smagorinsky Seminar Room, Princeton, NJ.