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Webinar: Episode 1: Time to Rethink Our Technology Choices

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Monday, 23 August 2021, 1:15

Monday, August 23, 2021. 1:15 PM. Webinar: Episode 1: Time to Rethink Our Technology Choices. Hazel Henderson, Ethical Markets; Ed Saltzberg, SSF. Sponsored by the Security and Sustainability Forum. Register here.

The Security and Sustainability Forum is kicking off a new webinar series, Implications for the Future, focused on the implication of actions taken now on the planet's future health and human well-being. Each 60-minute session will host a global leader in a one-on-one session with SSF Executive Director Ed Saltzberg.

The inaugural series episode features the futurist Hazel Henderson, President of Ethical Markets. Hazel has been critiquing the limitations of economics and its statistics in steering complex industrial societies for 50 years. She is a pioneer in social indicators and quality-of-life research. Ed and Hazel will discuss her latest insightful article, "Time to Rethink our Technology Choices". This 15-minute read pulls from Hazel's fifty years of experience on the global technology stage leading to her call to revive the dormant Office of Technology Assessment. OTA would arm Congress and its staff with the knowledge needed to make fact-based budget and statutory decisions and rely less on lobbyists and other special-interest influences. The article is worth 15 minutes of your time.

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