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Webinar: Toolbox - CoastWatch Data Portal and Vertigo

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Thursday, 13 January 2022, 4:00

Thursday, January 13, 2022. 4:00 PM. Webinar: Toolbox - CoastWatch Data Portal and Vertigo. Michael Soracco and Peter Hollemans, NOAA. Sponsored by NOAA CoastWatch. More information here. Register here.

Abstract: The CoastWatch seminar series will feature 2 speakers per month on CoastWatch-related topics. Talks may be general or technical, concern operations or products, and will always be of interest to the CoastWatch user community and anyone interested in delivery of NOAA operational or experimental services.

The CoastWatch Data Portal is a collection of services that facilitate access and use of data. The Portal's map viewer is an online tool that allows visualization and exploration of many satellite oceanographic datasets leveraging services provided by THREDDS and ERDDAP. The portal viewer provides the ability to find data covering an area of interest, compare data from different time periods, subset and download data, plot point time-series, and much more.

Vertigo is a tool that is currently available in a beta form to everyone including NOAA users. The goal of the Vertigo project is to create an intuitive application for scientific data search and display. This tool is not yet advertised on the CoatWatch website but is on Github: link opens in a new window and feedback on it
is requested.

Vertigo ties together scientific data of any kind from different data servers in a virtual globe environment and currently supports any THREDDS, ERDDAP, or OPeNDAP servers, CF- compliant NetCDF files including level 2 data, or tiled web map servers such as the STAR OCView (static images) site or ArcGIS and other tiled web map servers (dynamic images). The current development (beta 0.7 on the github link above) has these changes since the last 0.6 beta release:
- Reorganization of the source code so that users can build and run their own copy of the latest
beta version (instructions on Github)
- Error logging window now available from within the application to help with beta development
and user feedback
- Added support for Mercator projection on ellipsoid Earth model (previously just spherical
- Fixed window size and empty Earth display issues under Windows Speaker

Bio(s): Michael Soracco, RIVA Solutions for NOAA, is the HelpDesk Coordinator for NOAA CoastWatch. He specializes in user access by developing and maintaining data products, the "data portal" and the CoastWatch helpdesk. He has served as a commissioned officer in the NOAA Corps where assignments included servicing equatorial moored buoys, conducting hydrographic surveys, and as a NESDIS operations officer. He supports CoastWatch through user engagement, training, and product development.

Peter Hollemans, Terrenus Earth Sciences, has been contracted to NOAA via RIVA Solutions and has been with NOAA's CoastWatch Central since 1997. He writes software for data processing, access, and visualization.

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