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Webinar: Northeast Regional Habitat Assessment

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Wednesday, 13 July 2022, 3:00

Wednesday, July 13, 2022. 3:00 PM. Webinar: Northeast Regional Habitat Assessment. Christopher Haak, Monmouth University; Tori Kentner, Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council. Sponsored by NMFS. More information here. Register here

.Abstract: The Northeast U.S. Regional Marine Fish Habitat Assessment (NRHA) is a collaborative, multi-disciplinary effort to develop decision support products for fish habitat management. Employing a novel spatiotemporal joint-species distribution modeling framework, the team evaluated habitat use patterns for marine fish and invertebrate communities on the northeast shelf, relating catch data from the NOAA Fisheries bottom trawl surveys to an array of environmental predictor variables. Simultaneously, the team developed an R shiny application to facilitate the analysis, visualization, and exploration of state and federal fisheries independent datasets in estuarine, coastal, and offshore environments, and to host NRHA products online.

Bio(s): Dr. Christopher Haak is a research scientist at Monmouth University working in cooperation with NOAA NEFSC. From shallow back-reef habitats of The Bahamas to the NE continental shelf, his interests lie in understanding how physical and ecological processes interact to shape marine fish communities.

Tori Kentner recently joined the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council as a Fishery Management Specialist. Her specialty is spatial data analysis and visualization, programming, and GIS. Previously she was a GIS specialist at NOAA Fisheries for wind energy, deep sea corals and species modeling.

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