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Dr. Melissa Aronczyk’s current research critically inquires into the extent, influence, and impact of professional advocacy campaigns on debates in the climate change public sphere. The research aims to explain the extent and impact of strategic communications campaigns on political and public responses to specific U.S. policy efforts around climate change. 


Aronczyk, Melissa and Espinoza, Maria I. 2022: A Strategic Nature: Public Relations and the Politics of American Environmentalism. Oxford University Press.

Journal articles: 

Aronczyk, Melissa and Espinoza, Maria I. 2021. Big Data for Climate Action or Climate Action for Big Data? Big Data & Society. 

Aronczyk, Melissa; Brulle, Robert. Carmichael, Jason. 2020. Corporate Promotion and Climate Change: An Analysis of Key Variables Affecting Advertising Spending by Major Oil Corporations, 1986-2015. Climatic Change. 

Aronczyk, Melissa and Espinoza, Maria I. 2019. Sustainable Communication: Green PR and the Export of Corporate Environmentalism, 1987-1997. Environmental Sociology. 

Other published work: 

Aronczyk, Melissa. 2020. Public Communication in a Promotional Culture. Media Research for Changing Societies, Cambridge University Press. 

Aronczyk, Melissa and Brulle, Robert. 2020. Environmental Countermovements: Organized Opposition to Climate Change Action in the United States. Handbook of Global Sustainability Governance, London: Routledge. 

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