Bhattacharya, Debashish

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The Bhattacharya lab studies the impacts of environmental fluctuations on the biology of aquatic species, with a focus on algae and corals. Genomic tools are used to elucidate the pathways that are used by these taxa to deal with abiotic stress such as temperature and pH changes, as well as the consequences of biotic interactions (e.g., symbionts, pathogens) on their biology and adaptability.



Journal articles:

Graf, L., Shin, Y., Yang, J. H., Choi, J. W., Hwang, I. K., Nelson, W., Bhattacharya, D., Viard, F., & Yoon, H. S. (2021). A genome-wide investigation of the effect of farming and human-mediated introduction on the ubiquitous seaweed Undaria pinnatifida. Nature Ecology and Evolution.

Williams, A., Chiles, E. N., Conetta, D., Pathmanathan, J. S., Cleves, P. A., Putnam, H. M., Su, X., & Bhattacharya, D. 2021. Metabolomic shifts associated with heat stress in coral holobionts. Science Advances.

Zhang, Z., Qu, C., Zhang, K., He, Y., Zhao, X., Yang, L., Zheng, Z., Ma, X., Wang, X., Wang, W., Wang, K., Li, D., Zhang, L., Zhang, X., Su, D., Chang, X., Zhou, M., Gao, D., Jiang, W., ... Miao, J. (2020). Adaptation to Extreme Antarctic Environments Revealed by the Genome of a Sea Ice Green Alga. Current Biology.

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