Chang, Alexandra

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  • Arts, Culture and Media; Clement A. Price Institute for Ethnicity, Culture, and the Modern Experience
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Alexandra Chang teaches classes on EcoArt at RU-N and also heads up the monthly EcoArt Salons at the Paul Robeson Galleries at Express Newark. She is also a part of the campus-wide Eco Working Group. She organizes the Climate Working Group, a creative gathering of more than 50 members that bridges Science, Humanities and Arts researchers, scholars, artists, practitioners, and institutions for short and long term collaborations considering climate, data, policy, power, and the history of globalization. She also serves as Vice Chair on the Communications Committee of the Environmental and Climate Network of the Alliance of American Museums. 



Gogarty, L. A., & Chang, A. (2020, February). American art and politics after the 1960s. In CAA 2020 ANNUAL CONFERENCE. CAA.

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