Ferraro, Carrie

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  • Program Director, Rutgers Science Explorer
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Carrie Ferraro's interests are in education and effective practices for communicating research more broadly. She is an Assistant Professor of Professional Practice with the Math and Science Learning Center and the Director of the Rutgers Science Explorer. The Rutgers Science Explorer is a mobile laboratory that brings the excitement of Rutgers research to K-12 students, engaging them in hands-on activities with graduate students.



Book chapters:

Ferraro, Carrie & Jordan, Rebecca & Kopp, Robert & Bond, Sally & Gong, Jie & Andrews, Clinton & Auermuller, Lisa & Herb, Jeanne & Mcdonnell, Janice. (2020). Training Students to Improve Coastal Resilience. 


Hotaling, L., Ferraro, C., & McDonnell, J. Educating with Data. In Exemplary Practices in Marine Science Education: A Resource for Practitioners and Researchers. Ed. Géraldine Fauville, Diana L. Payne, Meghan E. Marrero, Annika Lantz-Andersson, & Fiona Crouch. Cham: Springer, 2019. 207-223. Print.

McDonnell, J., deCharon, A., Lichtenwalner, S., Hunter-Thomson, K., Halversen, C., Schofield, O., Glenn, S., Ferraro, C., Lauter, C., & Hewlett, J. 2018. Education and Public Engagement in OOI: Lessons Learned from the Field. Oceanography, 31(1), pp.98-105.

Conference papers:

Ferraro, Carrie & Kopp, Robert & Herb, Jeanne & Auermuller, Lisa & Jordan, Rebecca & Gong, Jie & Andrews, Clinton & Bond, Sally. (2021). TRAINING THE NEXT GENERATION OF CLIMATE RESILIENCE PROFESSIONALS. 

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