Noland, Robert

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  • Director - Voorhees Transportation Center (BSPPP)
  • Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy
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Robert Noland received his PhD at the University of Pennsylvania in Energy Management and Environmental Policy. Prior to joining Rutgers he was Reader in Transport and Environmental Policy at Imperial College London, a Policy Analyst at the US Environmental Protection Agency and also conducted post-doctoral research in the Economics Department at the University of California at Irvine. The focus of Dr. Noland’s research is the impacts of transport planning and policy on environmental outcomes. This is defined very broadly to include not just air and water quality impacts, but also impacts on safety, climate, health, and other factors associated with overall quality of life.

Active research areas include developing methods to evaluate the lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions associated with building transport projects; evaluating the impacts on the environment and other factors of transit-oriented development; analysis of walking behavior and links to other travel behavior and the built environment; analysis of traffic and pedestrian safety using spatial analysis techniques; and, assessment of the economic effects of transport investments, in particular those associated with agglomeration externalities. Dr. Noland’s research has been cited throughout the world in debates over transport infrastructure planning and environmental assessment of new infrastructure. Dr. Noland is currently the Associate Editor of Transportation Research-D (Transport and Environment) and the International Journal of Sustainable Transportation and is Chair of the Transportation Research Board Special Task Force on Climate Change and Energy

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