Reinfelder, Ying Fan

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Dr. Ying Fan Reinfelder is a hydrologist with a research interest in global water cycle and its role in the climate system through physical and biogeochemical pathways, particularly through water-plant relations. Her tools include compilation and synthesis of field observations made by others (such as groundwater depth, plant rooting depth) to discover patterns and mechanisms, and to build these mechanisms into global climate and ecosystem dynamics models. By doing so, she hopes to better translate the field observations made at isolated sites to mechanistic cause-effect relations that matter globally and thus shape global environmental change. Her interests of time scales range from seasonal to geological including Cenozoic glaciations and Paleozoic land plant evolutionary that profoundly changed the world.


  • Fan, 2019 - Hillslope hydrology in global change research and earth system modeling

    Fan, Y., Clark, M. Lawrence, D.M., Swenson, S., Band, L.E., Brantley, S.L., et al. (2019). Hillslope hydrology in global change research and earth system modeling.  Water Resources Research, 55.

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