Restrepo-Mieth, Andrea

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  • Edward J Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy
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Dr. Restrepo-Mieth studies how municipalities with limited administrative capacity and low civil society mobilization address growing needs to plan for and implement climate change adaptation. Her current research uses water, sanitation, and solid waste management in Galápagos, Ecuador, as lenses to analyze what issues get prioritized in the local climate change adaptation agenda, who mobilizes for what and their motivations, and how municipal, provincial and non-state actors interact (or fail to) in pursuit of climate change adaptation.


Restrepo-Mieth, A. (Online First). Learning from mistakes: Reflective planning, simple junctures, and institutional change. Planning Theory and Practice.

Restrepo-Mieth, A. (2023). Examining the dynamics between formal and informal institutions in progressive city planning. Urban Affairs Review, 59(1), 99-132.

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