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  • Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
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The overarching motivation for my research is to understand mechanisms of climate change on various time scales through the study of paleo-archives, primarily from ocean sediments.


Aiello, I., Bova, S., Ravelo, A.C., Rosenthal, Y., Kulhanek, D., and A. Holbourn. Climate, Sea Level and Tectonic Controls on Sediment Discharge from the Sepik River, Papua New Guinea during the Mid-Late Pleistocene. Submitted to Marine Geology.

Haynes, L., Hönisch, B., Holland, K., Rosenthal, Y., and S.M. Eggins. Development of the B/Ca proxy in planktic foraminifera for quantitative application to Paleogene ocean acidification events. Submitted to EPSL.

Dang, H., Jian, Z., Wang, W., Bassinot, F., Kuhnt, W., Ye, L., and Y. Rosenthal. Orbital-forced bimodal thermocline variations of the Indo-Pacific Warm Pool since the LGM. Submitted to Nature Geoscience.

Si W. and Y. Rosenthal. Late Neogene co-evolution of ocean calcifiers and continental weathering. Nature Geoscience – in review

Rohling, E.J., Grant, K.M., Hibbert, F., Galaasen,E., Irvali, N., Kleiven, K., Marino, G., Ninneman, U., Roberts, Rosenthal, Y., A.P., Schultz, H., Williams, F., and Yu, J. Asynchronous Antarctica and Greenland ice‐volume contributions to the last interglacial sea‐level highstand. Nature Communication – in review.

Moffa-Sanchez, P., Rosenthal, Y., Babila, T.L., Mohtadi, M., and X. Zhang. Temperature evolution of the Indo-Pacific Warm Pool over the last deglaciation and the Holocene. Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology – in revision

Stoll, H.M., Guitian, J., Hernandez, I., Mejia, L.M., Phelps, S., Polissar, P., Rosenthal, Y., Zhang, H. and P Ziveri. Upregulation of phytoplankton carbon concentrating mechanisms during low C02 glacial periods and implications for the phytoplankton pCO2 proxy. Quarter. Sci. Rev. – in press

Fung, M. Katz, M.E., Miller, K.G., Browning, J.V., and Y. Rosenthal. Lower to Upper Eocene Sequence Stratigraphy and Glacioeustasy, Bass River borehole, New Jersey Paleoshelf, ODP Leg 174AX. Geosphere- in press

Hollstein, M., Mohtadi, M., Rosenthal, Y., Moffa Sanchez, P. Oppo, D.W., Martínez Méndez, G., Steinke, S., and D., Hebbeln, D. Glacial-interglacial and astronomically driven variations in Western –Quater Sci Rev 201: 429-445

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