• Kaplan, Marjorie

    Associate Director - Rutgers Climate Institute

    Dr. Kaplan leads the Rutgers Climate Institute program office and manages the full portfolio of Rutgers Climate Institute activities in consultation with the Co-Directors. She also co-facilitates the New Jersey Climate Change Alliance and is Co-director of the New Jersey Climate Change Resource Center. She participates and helps develop applied research and analyses related to natural carbon sinks, climate and health/ health equity, climate resiliency and climate and agriculture.  Dr. Kaplan's almost 40-year career has included more than 20 years in government and 10 years in the private sector. She was the first Director of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection's Office of Climate and Energy where she oversaw regulatory programs under the Global Warming Response Act, the Global Warming Solutions Fund Law and regional initiatives to address climate change within various sectors including the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. Dr. Kaplan holds a B.S. in Natural Resources from Cornell University and a Masters and Doctorate of Public Health from Columbia University.


  • Broccoli, Anthony

    Environmental Sciences

    Dr. Broccoli studies changes in climate, both past and future, with a goal of better understanding the mechanisms responsible for such changes. He uses numerical models of the climate system in his research, carefully comparing their results with evidence from the climate record.

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