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How Does the Greenland Ice Sheet Melt? Rutgers Goes to Greenland, to Find Out

See Rutgers Professor Åsa K Rennermalm in Greenland discussing her research on how the Greenland Ice Sheet is melting and how fast the meltwater reaches the ocean and affects sea levels. Learn more about Professor Rennermalm here and here.


Professor Rennermalm’s graduate student Rohi Muthyala studies how melting water cuts channels in the ice sheet and how those channels and the constant thawing and refreezing of the ice sheet’s surface affect the flow of water at the mouth of a river. She also wants to know if what she learns about the area she’s studying can be scaled up to give her a picture of the entire region of southwestern Greenland.


Read more about Professor Rennermalm's graduate student Rohi Muthyala's work in Greenland here.

Professor Rennermalm’s student Sasha Leidman is studying supraglacial streams of meltwater that form on the surface of the Greenland ice sheet and become more pervasive as the climate warms.  He wants to understand how the streams absorb sunlight and the degree to which that can contribute to increased melting of the ice sheet.


Read more about Sasha Leidman here.